We're looking for a new senior bookkeeping wizard! Is that you?

Oh hey there

Fancy seeing you here :)

What a year it's been hey? Dead set bonkers if you ask us!

That's kinda why we are on the hunt for a Senior Bookkeeper - hopefully someone just like you.

At Illumin8 we believe in the power of people coming together, supporting one another and doing a kick-butt job for our clients.

It's not easy peasy lemon squeezy every day - things aint always roses and chocolate. There are times when we get our hands dirty, when pressure mounts & when we are relied on heavily by our clients.

But that's reality - the best thing is that as a team we support each other, ensuring that no person feels hung out to dry.

So why don't you let us know why this role might be the one for you  - and why you might the one for us!

Oh yeah - check out our recent short film we released in conjunction with the Stellar Short Film Festival - we think it's ace!

We're looking for a Small Business Accounting Legend

Oh hey there you awesome human!

Whew - what a (financial) year 2021 has been hey!?!?!

Super nice to almost see it in the rear view mirror & here's hoping we can turn it around for each other!

We love what we do & times like this require some kick-ass accounting ninja skills to help our business communities. We are on the hunt for someone who shares the love of the accounting & small business advisory space.

Someone that strikes fear into the heart of unbalanced accounts. That depreciation schedules have no match for. Spreadsheets quiver at the mention of your name. Someone that can automate the crap out of Xero to drive more time for the ‘fun’ side of accounting.

We're looking for a Administration Assistant

Know your HBs from your 2Hs? Your Gregorian calendars from your Aztecs? Your emails from your snail mails?

You might be the extra-ordinary administration human we’re looking for!

Let's be honest - A lot of people think a role in administration is just boring, requires little to no skills, and makes little to no impact.

Well - at Illumin8 we think that's a load of crap!

Our admin crew play a pivotal role in ensuring our business runs smoothly and provides out of this world experiences for our clients.