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Hey, you, get into the cloud. There’s no point in change for change’s sake, but if there are ways to make your business life simpler, why not grab them with both hands? Whether you could benefit from cash-flow forecasting or need a solution so Shopify and Xero ‘talk’ to one another, we can help you integrate the technology that best suits your small business needs.

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Sure, you might have always done it like that, but what if there was a better way? A way that saved time and perhaps even money? Our accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors are always testing new tools that promise efficiency and effectiveness, and once we’re convinced they’re ace, we can help you integrate the best ones into your systems.

We look at each app or program from every angle. Is it easy to use? Will it give you back precious time? Will it create freedom? If the answer is a wholehearted YES! to all those questions, it’s likely we’re fans and can help you implement them to make your business more productive and profitable. We’ve got our heads in the clouds in the best way possible.

“Illumin8 practice what they preach. They're forward-thinking & engage with their clients.”

Andrew Hall

Foundation Builders

Meet Andrew, Director of Foundation Builders. They are high spec builders that create value through innovation. Since partnering with us in 2014, we have worked together to grow a healthy & impactful business. Stuff like running monthly management meetings, working with building KPI's, and setting up the right trading structures to provide future security for their business.


accounting partner

accounting parnter

accounting partner

Our team of small business accounting experts, bookkeepers, tax specialists and business advisors are here to help. Let’s chat.

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Switching accountants, or engaging an accountant for your small business the first time is a big deal. We get it. So, to help you decide if you’re ready and if we’re ‘the one’, we’ve popped together some A’s to frequently asked Q’s.

Why choose Illumin8?

Technology might sound genuinely terrifying if you usually do things old-school or haven’t found the best way to integrate it to make your business life easier. If you’re wondering whether Illumin8’s team of accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors can also be your tech saviours and help you work smarter, rather than harder, we’ve come up with a list of As in answer to those frequent Qs to help you find out.

What is cloud accounting?

Talk of clouds might conjure images of angels, and while there are no literal heavenly beings involved in cloud accounting it may feel as though one has entered your life when you make the switch. Also called online accounting, it is a boon for SMBs because it will make your bookkeeping more efficient, streamline your financial administration, and provide you with a real-time view of your numbers. It’s similar to traditional double-entry bookkeeping, but all your data is stored in the cloud, meaning you have access to information about your accounts anywhere and at any time.

What are the benefits of accounting technology?

Access to real-time data is a huge advantage of cloud accounting, but there are many others. Of course, because it’s online, you’re always working with the latest version of the program. These cloud-based services also offer live bank feeds and have the ability to be integrated with third-party apps to eliminate unnecessary admin. Cloud accounting ecosystems allow you to automate bookkeeping, invoicing and reconciliation, and let you deal with your GST obligations in a simple, quick way because transactions are recorded as you go. They also make working remotely much easier, since your team and your bookkeeper and accountant can get access to key figures from anywhere as long as there’s access to the internet.

What platforms do you work with?

We’re platinum partners with Xero, an easy-to-use cloud accounting system that provides small businesses with real-time financial data that can be accessed anywhere, at any time and on any device. Plus, it’s used around the world and there are endless opportunities for integration, including programs like Dext and forecasting and reporting app Futrli. Xero is not just the platform we recommend, it’s the one on which we run our business here at Illumin8.

How can automation help my business?

You can use cloud accounting and leverage other technology to streamline business processes and drive efficiency gains. Imagine not spending hours scanning receipts or punching out invoices and putting those processes on autopilot instead. We’re all about helping you work smarter, not harder.

Can you work with my software?

We work with a bunch of incredible cloud-based accounting and business intelligence programs that hook into Xero. Think: cash flow management at your fingertips, revenue modelling and forecasting dashboards, and good old fashioned VLOOKUPS in spreadsheets when we need to bash out the numbers before plugging them into the tech. There’s a good chance we’re already working with platforms that integrate with your software. And if we’re not, our innovation and process lead will work with you to find a solution.

What industries do you specialise in?

We love what we do, so our main criteria when deciding whether we’re a good fit and can help you with your business is that you love what you do, too. It makes for a happy and productive partnership. That said, most of our clients have businesses that fall into the following industries: ecommerce, hospitality, trades and construction, creatives, food and booze brands, and professional services.