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Those piles of receipts getting you down? Then it’s time to bring on a bookkeeper for your business. We know you’re great at what you do, but perhaps systems aren’t your forte. That’s OK, because they’re ours and we can advise on what will work best and provide the least fuss when it comes to running your business, leaving you time to focus on what you do best.

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We’re a bunch of number-loving bookkeepers and business advisors, accountants and tax specialists, and we know exactly how to get you set up with everything you need to give you back your time.

The team members at Illumin8 are experts at bookkeeping. We can help you set up systems and take record keeping out of your hands. We can advise on the best systems for tracking invoicing and payments, expenses, income and GST liabilities, payroll and everything that makes up your business’s paperwork. 

If you’re ready to say seeya to sifting through a shoebox of crumpled receipts when tax time rolls around, it’s time we helped you with your bookkeeping.

“Illumin8 practice what they preach. They're forward-thinking & engage with their clients.”

Andrew Hall

Foundation Builders

Meet Andrew, Director of Foundation Builders. They are high spec builders that create value through innovation. Since partnering with us in 2014, we have worked together to grow a healthy & impactful business. Stuff like running monthly management meetings, working with building KPI's, and setting up the right trading structures to provide future security for their business.


accounting partner

accounting parnter

accounting partner

Our team of small business accounting experts, bookkeepers, tax specialists and business advisors are here to help. Let’s chat.

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Switching accountants, or engaging an accountant for your small business the first time is a big deal. We get it. So, to help you decide if you’re ready and if we’re ‘the one’, we’ve popped together some A’s to frequently asked Q’s.

How will a bookkeeper help my business?

Because they are so proficient at analysing your numbers, your bookkeeper is almost like your mentor or business coach. They can provide you with all sorts of insights, like how you might minimise ongoing costs, improve your cash flow or grow your business in a sustainable way. Think of your bookkeeper as your small business cheerleader.

What does a bookkeeper do?

It’s pretty simple, but also really important. Your bookkeeper will record your business’s financial transactions, analyse them and interpret them. They can make sure your records are always accurate, educate you about different systems, and provide you with important insights into business operations and profitability. Basically, they take away the hard work and put all the important information into your hands.

Can your bookkeepers do my payroll?

You better believe it. Our team of bookkeepers can help you set up a single-touch payroll system and your employees’ superannuation. We keep up to date on what is happening when it comes to wage awards across different industries, and ensure you meet all the ATO’s compliance requirements.

What industries do you specialise in?

We really dig what we do, so our main criteria is that you love what you do, too. It makes for a happy and productive partnership. That said, most of our clients have businesses that fall into the following realms: ecommerce, hospitality, trades and construction, creatives, food and booze brands, and professional services.

Can bookkeeping be done remotely?

That’s the beauty of cloud-based accounting systems. Not only do they make your life easy, but set your bookkeeper up with a password and they can manage your books from afar (or from down the road, depending on where you’re based). Imagine being able to access real-time data, financial information and reports wherever you are and whenever you like. Not only that, but it cuts down on piles of paperwork around the office.

Why choose Illumin8?

Hiring a bookkeeper can be a task easily put off for another day. But when you finally do it, it can make your life easier and your business more efficient and effective. To help you decide if you need a bookkeeper and if Illumin8’s team is the one for you, we’ve come up with a few FAQs.

Why do I need a bookkeeper? Can’t I just use my accounting software?

Look, we can kinda see why you might think that, especially now that accounting software is becoming so easy to use. But your bookkeeper looks after your records, and does something else too: they can tell what’s going on behind all those numbers. More than that, they’re well versed in all the record keeping and compliance requirements from the ATO – your bookkeeper will sweat the details so you don’t have to.

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

Loads of people think the terms are interchangeable and the professions are the same. Wrong! Your bookkeeper helps with your finances – transactions, compliance, lodgements, records – on an ongoing basis to ensure everything to do with your small business runs smoothly. Your accountant, on the other hand, will look at all that and minimise your taxation, because that’s their expertise. At Illumin8, our bookkeepers and accountants work together to serve your business in the best way we know how.