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The year was 2012, and I was younger and thinner. Full of youth, hopes, dreams and potential yet to be fully realised.

Obsessed with the potential of the accounting industry, I started Illumin8 with a vision to provide accounting and bookkeeping services that went beyond compliance.

After all, keeping our clients out of jail is the bare minimum. The real magic happens in business problem solving, leveraging technology to streamline operations, and connecting on a human level to help our clients kick goals with both feet.

So just like that, a plucky former corporate dweller with a whole lot of entrepreneurial spirit registered Illumin8 to operate in Australia.
These days, the team numbers more than a dozen absolute legends. Of course, everyone is a superstar when it comes to numbers, tax, finance and all aspects of small business management. But that’s not all Illumin8 is about. We’re all a little bit different, slightly quirky, and bring a whole lot of personality to the office.

You love what you do, and we do too. Our aim is to make your life easier, and if we can have some fun along the way then we’ve more than done our job.

Ready to see how we can help you with your business? We’d love to talk.

Andrew Van De Beek, founder

Ready to figure it out


Amanda Oppel

A wanderer who thrives on bucket-sized coffee. Could outrun Forest Gump on a good day. Competitive eater with a conflicting addiction to fitness.

Founder & Head of Purpose

Andrew Van De Beek

Whisky connoisseur. Utah Jazz fanatic. Father of 2. Chief of passion


Christina Houndalas

Playlist curator. Yoga enthusiast. An advocate of Taco Tuesdays. Lover of sun, sand and surf. Fan of to-do lists.

Community Development

David Easton

Coffee dork. Wants all the rare sneakers to wear with grey hoodies. Loves his family. Cares about people wanting to be good and do good.


Hanna Wilson

Bookworm. Indoor plant enthusiast. Environmental scientist turned bookkeeper. Always keen for a new adventure.

Business Sherpa

Jason Williams

The office is his second office; anywhere with a good coffee is his first. An accountant turned social worker, turned entrepreneur, turned business sherpa. Misses travel.


John Hille

Doesn't drink coffee, but quite enjoys a social beverage. 1 son and 2 dogs run his house. Saturdays are for golf, cricket or both.

Head of Bookkeeping

Kate Stathis

Lover of spectator sports. Brunch enthusiast. Avid podcast listener. Is happiest playing board games with family and friends. Enjoys fixing things and making them perfect.


Keira Patman

Loves to be on a boat or in the snow, on a board or skis. Has a crack. Takes a good photo. Won't say no to a glass of champagne.


Kristie Goss

CrossFit junkie. Beach lover. SMSF Queen. Mum to 2 boys and 1 hurricane daughter. Always up for bushwalks.

Head of Accounting

Michael Walter

Big time Bombers Supporter. Manager extraordinaire. Family man. Mornington Peninsula local. Did someone say pub lunch?


Nathan Weatherhead

Avid sports fan. Collect sports jerseys as a secondary side gig. Enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. Did you know all mirrors are sold used?


Samantha Baker

New Mumma Bear trying to teach the me out of a mini-me. Still love horses (always have, always will). Loves to sing along to music and is frequently joined by our husky. Clients are my passion, and if illumin8 was Harvey Spectre, I'd be Donna.

Personal Assistant

Sarah O'Brien

Doesn't mind a music festival. Willingly helps run a cult aka Calisthenics. Loves Blue Heelers (the dogs, not the TV show) and loves Friends (the TV show, not the people... although she loves them too)

Head of Process Technology

Shane Scott

Tech support suffering automation addiction. Enjoys breaking things so he can fix them. Dog whisperer. Regularly gathers at the gym for a chat and to occasionally lift things.

Senior Bookkeeper

Simone Black

Avid fan of the Pies (football team) and Coffee (beverage). Spent a lot of time with Les Mills over lockdowns. Loves spending time with family and friends, usually riding bikes.

Illumin8's Next Star


Accountant? Bookkeeper? Advisor? Administrator? Want a gig that rocks? Email Us at with your resume if you've got what it takes.


Let us come up with ways to streamline your accounting and tax planning processes so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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You’re great at what you do, but numbers scare the sh#t out of you! That’s OK, because our bookkeepers can help keep your books tidy.

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Ready to talk it out? We can hone your focus, unlock your purpose and set your goals, so that you’re looking towards long-term success.

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Integrating technology into your systems can save you time and simplify many of your processes. We’ll help you work smarter, not harder.

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Look forward to retirement when you let us help you set up the administration and management of your self-managed super fund.

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All the Rest

Need help working out the next steps for your business? Thinking of putting a succession plan in place? We can help with that, too.

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Just another of our happy clients

Our clients are just like us. They love what they do, and they live to make others happy. So do we. We’ll make your financial life easier to free up your time and headspace to make your business dreams become realities.

“Illumin8 practice what they preach. They're forward-thinking & engage with their clients.”

Andrew Hall

Foundation Builders

Meet Andrew, Director of Foundation Builders. They are high spec builders that create value through innovation. Since partnering with us in 2014, we have worked together to grow a healthy & impactful business. Stuff like running monthly management meetings, working with building KPI's, and setting up the right trading structures to provide future security for their business.


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Our Better Business Guide is our gift to you. We’ve wrangled 14 thought leaders, including some of the members of our team of stars, compiled their expert advice and tips and put it all under one cover. Grab your free Better Business Guide today.

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