What does the singer Rihanna have to do with running your business? Kate Stathis cracks the code in how to run your business SMARTER and not harder.
March 29, 2018
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Kate Stathis

Lover of spectator sports. Brunch enthusiast. Avid podcast listener. Is happiest playing board games with family and friends. Enjoys fixing things and making them perfect.

When life seems overwhelming and everything is getting a bit too much, I used to tell myself that “diamonds are formed under pressure”. 

2 days of having Rhianna’s ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ stuck in my head would then ensue (sorry if you’ve got that in your head now!). Neither telling myself that age old adage or humming Rihanna really ended up helping. I gritted my teeth, managed the migraines, cried in the shower, and got on the best I could. 


However, thankfully, my now husband sat me down one night and held an intervention. He posed a great question – how much is my time worth? 

Was it worth it slaving away every weekend cleaning the windows I never have the time of day to look out of, weeding the garden I never get to have a BBQ in, and doing the weekly meal plan that factors in every fad diet you’ve heard of over the last six months but never having the time to go for a jog. 


I run my own business outside of my day job, and faced with this question I did the sums. If I invested just 70% of the time I was spending on all the things that overwhelmed me and I didn’t enjoy, and instead outsourced those things – I would break even in dollars, and win in emotional freedom. That gave me back 30% of my time. 


What I do with that 30% is pure bliss. I worked on my business and saved for our wedding, I sun-baked in the garden, I helped my friend with his non-for-profit, I truly started shining like a diamond.


So I pose the same question to you – how much is your time worth?

If you are wanting to claim back your time (and your life) give me a call and let's chat!

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Your Business
March 29, 2018
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