September 29, 2022

Xerocon. Part Two!

by Illumin8

Your Local Accountant

Part one was all about the speakers, this time, it's all about the tech! Check out the tech that peaked our teams interest at Xerocon.

Although it’s only two days, we couldn’t quite cram everything into one blog (to save you from reading a proper essay really).  

Xerocon is ripper for connecting people up, but it also provided us the chance to suss out some innovative technology to help you make your business lives easier, so here’s what we found!  

Service M8

Super cool platform for you tradies out there! This lets you see your jobs from a bird’s eye view and allows you to schedule new jobs that come in, to those with the capacity to complete them.  

Say you’re a plumber and get a call regarding a new job, you can plug that into Service M8 and then schedule it in for one of your crew, who’ll get directions and any information they need to know from you about what the job is so they’re across it before they arrive. Cool hey!  

Service M8 is designed for domestic trades (think builders, plumbers, electricians) and is one app we’ll be exploring to see if we think it can make a difference to your business.  


You may be a little familiar with this one as they used to be known as Divipay. They’ve just rebranded as Weel and have also started to roll out some cool recent updates which we believe are really under-utilised.  

Their accounts payable and reimbursement features are really ticking along and are ones that we think could be of benefit to a lot of our clients.  

Instead of having a ton of approval processes to go through for payments, Weel does it automatically. For example, someone receives a bill to pay, once one person has approved it’ll go into line for the next payments to be made and go out automatically without any fuss! If you’re a fan of automatic bill payments, Weel is a way to get things rolling (pun intended).


Looking after the environment is so key these days and COGO is a company that’s allowing more businesses to track their carbon footprint. COGO has partnered with Xero to help small businesses and individuals track their carbon footprint. The app integrates with your Xero account to help show you what impact you’re having on the environment and where you can also save on your carbon footprint.  

It outlays sections that breakdown your carbon usage and where you might be able to save on it. A cool piece of tech we’re currently looking into ourselves.  


Paytron was founded in 2020 and allows businesses to do a bunch of things in the one spot, with their key features being multi-currency wallets, the ability to create payment cards and tie them to the correct expenses for each employee and cheaper bank currency conversions.

If you need to issue cards for your employees to use you can control the spending and as part of that process, be able to automate bookkeeping instead of chasing tax invoices, it’s all digital!  

The bookkeeping function is also a ripper one. You may not have authority as a bookkeeper to push through payments, however Paytron allows you to queue up payments for the person who does have authority, making it quick and easy for them to approve and get the payments made automatically.  

Instead of having to convert money when overseas, Paytron can also give your employees a card with the currency of the country you’re heading to immediately. Saving you on currency conversion costs on arrival, it also has a lower conversion rate than a bank, very good!  


Whilst Xero didn’t have any of the flashy announcements like they have had in the past, (mainly due to the fact their software is already extremely robust!) they continued to remind the room of the future they are working to create.

Acquisitions such as Plan Day they hope will enable you to make rostering & staff management easier in the future whilst also announcing audit trails in their payroll software which garnered some cheers from the audience.

Xero is very unashamedly working towards rebuilding the “under the hood” aspect of the software. These improvements will ensure that they can be as nimble, impactful, and beautiful as they have been in the past, whilst servicing a significantly larger number of businesses worldwide.  

That’s it! The team has downloaded (like that pun) everything they learned from Xerocon. If you're keen to hear more about one or more of these apps, make sure you reach out!


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