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You often have a different perspective on life than those around you, getting inspiration at all times of the day/night and giving your all to see it come to fruition. Many times people have told you to "get a real job", and you've often contemplated doing it yourself, but something within you shuns what others consider the "norm".

This business of yours is exciting. It's fun and it's fulfilling - but when you put down the pen/brush/stylus and turn towards the more "business" side of things, it feels like everything within you shrivels up and screams objections. Why else do you find yourself eating Vegemite toast and cleaning your windows every time your book work needs attention?

We get it - numbers are not your thing. That's why we are here! We want to de-stress your world, help give you time back that you waste sending out invoices or reconciling bank accounts (ugh!). Let us handle the little things so you can get back to the big picture. Our innovative approach will give you the support you need to confidently make decisions on what your business' future looks like. What you do is amazing and deserves to be celebrated. We are about making a visit to your accountant fun. After all, we have been voted "Most Stylish Accountant" by Xero themselves! 

Yes, we do the boring stuff like lodging your BAS statements, ensuring your tax returns are accurate and sit on the phone to the Tax Office for hours to navigate any questions you may have. But what we really care about is helping your business to be designed to provide you the dreams and goals that you personally have. After all, what's the point in working hard if there is no pot of gold* at the end of that rainbow.

*pot of gold not guaranteed

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