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Start Up Business? Illumin8 accountants are Xero, Tax & Financial Services Experts

Lets get all of those ideas out of your head and into the world - let's add strategy and support to help you to take that next big step.

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If only everyone else around you could understand how much of a difference your idea could make! This may not be your first idea, and likely wont be your last, but it has been cultivated over many coffees, late night sessions around the kitchen table and a few too many beers with close friends. You are ready to begin, but are flying into uncharted territory (not that that will stop you!).

You once were an employee, working for the man, but broke free on the dream of creating your own success. Most people don't understand how you can survive on such a low standard of living, but this helps you focus all of your time and money into your start up. It gives you meaning and you love talking to people about it.

That being said - there is a lot of unknown. You are great with ideas, but not necessarily with numbers. Can this thing really work? Your heart says absolutely, but your head is uncertain.

illumin8 was once, and continues to be, a start up idea. We've walked the same paths that you find yourself on, and learned the same lessons. Let us hold your hand and guide you safely through the unknown. We can help give you clarity, so that you can be sure this idea of yours will work. Whether it be forecasting future revenue opportunities, negotiating contracts with potential suppliers, or ensuring you have the information you need in a manner that you can understand it, illumin8 gets you.

Yes, we do the boring stuff like lodging your BAS statements, ensuring your tax returns are accurate and sit on the phone to the Tax Office for hours to navigate any questions you may have. But what we really care about is helping your business to be designed to provide you the dreams and goals that you personally have. After all, whats the point in working hard if there is no pot of gold* at the end of that rainbow.

*pot of gold not guaranteed

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