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July 9, 2021

ILLUMIN8 – From Xero’s to Heroes

There are some moments in life where you take a step back and just marvel at how far you’ve come, and I’ve got to say, over the past month we’ve had a number of these moments.

We have never shied away from being different.

We’re a 5 year old business made up of a bunch of ‘misfits who give a shit’. We love what we do and are passionate about partnering with small business owners to help create the businesses (and lives) our clients want and deserve.

Our approach has always come back to being based on an experience; one that is relational, powerful and fun, and something where people genuinely look forward to spending time with their accountant. I believe it’s through differentiators such as these (plus our kick-ass service offering) that have led us to becoming an industry leading firm recognised throughout Australia.



It’s been a HUGE month at illumin8 HQ, with our team taking out Xero’s VIC Accounting Partner of the Year!

This is a huge feat for a team of 10 from a small seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula. We’ve loved Xero from day one and receiving this recognition is significant and very humbling.

In just over a week at Xero’s annual conference, the national Accounting Partner of the Year award winner will be announced, and trust us, we’ve got all of our fingers and toes crossed that we will take out the big one (follow us on Facebook to keep up to date!).  

As if the above isn’t big enough, we’ve also been notified that we’re finalists in two categories of the upcoming SMSF and Accounting Awards; Small Business Adviser of the Year and Accounting Firm of the Year. Again, to be seen as leaders in the cloud community space is very humbling and our entire team is very honoured.

Although we’re not driven by awards or recognition, we’re very appreciative of all of the high-fives and encouragement we’ve received lately, both from our clients and peers.

It’s so exciting to see how far our team has come, and the waves we’re making within our industry, and how we relate with our clients. We know that the best is yet to come, and we’re thankful to have you on the journey with us! It's so much more fun having you on board!

We are Freedom Fighters.

We are Rebels with a cause.

We are illumin8…and this is just the beginning!

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