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July 9, 2021

We needed a sherpa

Andrew Van De Beek

Founder & Head of Purpose

Introducing our new Business Sherpa Jason Williams

A couple of years ago, I started focusing on replacing myself in the critical areas of the business. Bringing in great people who are best suited to each area of business.  

But one key area has remained for some time – Advisory.  

And then I got hit up on the DM's (LinkedIn Style) by this bloke by the name of Jason.  

"Just wrapping up the day doing a little light internet stalking", his first message said.  

When asked about where he finds himself on any given day, "I'm based in Ashburton but get around a bit." was his reply. And after a bit of silence, he came back with "I keep meaning to reach out again but keep getting distracted by dogs with puffy tails".  

Typically, you'd think that would be a definite 3 strikes, and you're out – but something about the way this fella communicated struck a chord with me. That meant 4th time was the charm.

Advisory services aren't just about pointing at a number and saying, "go get it".  

I mean, yeah, that's some of it, but it's not as "easy breezy" as some tech providers out there might suggest. It's far more than that.  

It includes things such as:  

  • Being able to ask questions that help you to pry under the lid  
  • Understanding of various industries & how they operate  
  • Hearing something & deciphering what it really means
  • Showing a level of empathy & care  

I often joke that as an advisor I have one-foot int the social-work space and that the couch in my office is commonly used for people to curl up in a ball & cry on.  

So anyway, this puffy tail dog-loving fella Jason and I finally caught up after a while.  

And you know when you meet someone that you feel you've been around for much longer than the 30 minutes you've actually been? Yeah – this was one of those moments.  

It didn't help that the co-working receptionist said to me "Andrew, I think your future self has arrived to warn you of something" when we first met face to face (we both have beards... stereotype much?)  

OK – so let's dive into Jason for a moment.  

  • Accountant by trade  
  • Moved into industry working in tax, financial, & management accounting on behalf of some BIG ARSE businesses
  • Quit his job & decided to get a social work degree, as he wanted to help more  
  • Spent the last 10 years using his accounting, social work & business skillset to start, grow, consult, own, fail, run & do a whole of cool shit for businesses worldwide.  

But what stood out to me the most was that his values so clearly aligned with ours.  

That was 8 months ago.  

If you have jumped on a webinar that we have run as of late, you would have likely seen him chiming in with some timely advice. Jason has been vital in helping our team connect & assist people amidst the COVID financial crisis that our small business community has been facing.  

And just last week, we officially appointed Jason into the role of "Business Sherpa" for our clients. Someone who can guide them through the unknown and (hopefully) reaching those goals. Someone who can guide our team on how we can be more open to what our clients are saying & how we can respond in a way to show continued leadership for their businesses.

As well as, someone who can supply the beers, whenever we are allowed to gather in person again. (he part-owns a brewery)  

This joining is significant for both of us, at it represents the first "merger" of sorts that Illumin8 has undergone.  

Jason was successfully running his own advisory business but saw the value of connecting with Illumin8 to kick some butt with both feet for our combined business community. And our clients are already seeing the benefits of working on the same team!  

Together we will continue to fight for our clients, and help them chase the dreams that make them happy – it's kind of why we are here – to help our clients get out of bed every day & do what they value the most (not what their business sucker punches them into doing).  

If you're a change-maker, a rebel, someone who wants to do MORE in your business, Jason is your guy. With experience covering three decades, Jason has some serious knowledge and skills, that he's ready to hand out like a Business Santa.  

Does this sound like you? Shoot Jason an email and start kicking goals together!

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