January 16, 2023

Why 2023 is the year of letting go

Andrew Van De Beek

Founder & Head of Purpose

It's the start of another year...and here's why it's a big one when it comes to letting go.

Anyone with kids between the ages of 4-18 has likely dealt with the inevitable singing of the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen (which is 10 years old this year!)

My two daughters have each had a good crack at driving me insane singing it all times of the day.  

So, in honour of the 10th anniversary of Frozen, my 2 daughters & parents worldwide, I anoint the year 2023 to be the Year of Letting Go.

But before I get into it too much, let me take you back to June 2022.

I’m in London, preparing for the final keynote on my month-long tour (what a blast that was) and I had this immense feeling that I had been delivering the same message to the accounting community, despite evolving my own perspective over the year.  

You see, in 2017, I was the recipient of an award I didn’t think I was worthy of – Thought Leader of The Year.

Over the coming years, I’ve realised (with the help of others) the impact that I have had on others as they have lived somewhat vicariously through my business journey at Illumin8. A lot of that as a result of marching to the beat of my own drum, of encouraging people to find their authentic self & to life it loud & proud.

And so, for a long time I’ve been banging the drum of authenticity. Representing that in my own way as a tattooed, whisky loving, somewhat potty mouth everyday fella, who happens to be not bad at this accounting thing.

Whilst my perspective on what being authentic meant has changed, the way I was discussing it had remained the same over the years.

So, in an act of purposeful change, I decided to leave a certain hat in my hotel room as I left to return home. A hat I’ve worn a lot since I won that award, both on stage, at events & and in my personal world. (If you’ve spent time with me, you probably know the one).

Funny side story – the service team at the hotel tried to give it back to me & I had to explain that it was important to me that this hat did not come home with me. After that my mum tried to take it from me so SHE could wear it… nope nope nope.

Letting go of this silly hat was symbolic at best, but for me it was about recognising that where I am today, whilst built off where I’ve been is different. I couldn’t keep holding on to that “thing” assuming it is everlasting.

Which brings me back to 2023.

The year of letting go.

For me, this year I’ll be:

  • Taking 4 months off to care for my newborn son
  • Return to Illumin8 on a 2 day a week basis permanently
  • Help my dad retire by taking over his plumbing store (yep… I’ll be selling toilets)
  • Likely a bunch of other things that I’ll be surprised with along the way

All of the above CANNOT happen if I don’t intentionally let go of a bunch of stuff.

  • My experience to date of being a father vs what my newborn might need from me
  • Being the leader of a business for the last 10 years, only to finally hand the reigns over to a team that will likely do a far better job than I will
  • That physically my body just can’t do what it has over the years
  • That being right, isn’t always helpful

I wonder what this might look like for you?

What are you letting go of in 2023?

  • Those clients that you know you need to move on from?
  • Those words a family member said that you can’t seem to stop thinking about
  • The way your employee acted that one time, whilst in a stressful situation
  • The internal belief that you’re not good enough (when actually you are)
  • Your industry’s perception of what someone like you should, or should not be doing

What can you do to symbolically let go?

  • Talk to someone about it?
  • Throw something into the fire?
  • Donate to charity an item?
  • Meditate & move on?

One thing  I would recommend, if you are comfortable. Tell those close to you, those that you trust, what you are letting go of and why. And ask them to hold you accountable if you fear that you might just pick it back up again.

Once you have let go of your “thing” imagine the space you have created for good in your world. (My tip would be to NOT fill it up with anything – be at peace with “nothing” in return for a bit… it’s a nice space to be in)

So my friends, many this be a year of you letting go & being content with what comes back.


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