Andrew on Brussels

Arriving in Brussels by train. His wife found herself a little worse for wear and needed to take a few days to get back in action. Andrew on the other hand, despite being disappointed about not being able to explore with her.
December 17, 2018
Andrew Van De Beek

Whisky connoisseur. Utah Jazz fanatic. Father of 2. Chief of passion

All right. We caught a train down at Brussels. My wife was unwell for a couple of days, so she had spend a couple of days in. Which, being in Belgium, and Belgium beer. As much as I was disappointed that I couldn't hang out with her for a couple of days and explore. It meant I got to do Andrew things.

And one thing that I really wanted to do was to visit this place called Café Delirium. The cool thing about Café Delirium is, they have the world's largest beer list. I think they advertise over 2100 beers. I think when I was there, I heard someone say, over 3000 beers available. Which is pretty insane when you think of shelf life of some of these things. So, I went there, and I had a beer. It was like, 9.5%, it was a pint. It was like drinking 17 beers at once. So, it was, it was a good time.

But what the cool thing was is, I was looking around whilst I was having this beer, and looked to my left, and there was like a young family with kids. And I looked to my right, and there was like, old, and elderly couple in their 70s. There was males and females. And there was young and there was old. And there was black, and there was white. And there was just everything. It was just there to meet some people who came to this place, gathered, because they had the most unbelievable beer list in the world.

And then, the music started playing. And they were playing some pretty good music. Bit of my vibes. Some kind of loud stuff. Rage Against the Machine, Killing in the Name of, came on. And I'm like, "Okay. This is a bit ballsy to kind of play a song like this when you've got a lotta people around. Young and old, some people that may not appreciate it." And it came to the part of the song, you know the part of the song if you heard of it. And they crank it. Absolutely crank it.

The bar guys are like, jumping on the bar, yelling and screaming, and kinda singing along. And it's funny, I'm looking around, and I'm seeing these 70 year olds, not minding the song, kind of bopping their head a little bit, having a laugh. These younger people, guys, girls, everyone was just loving it.

I don't know about you, but, like if you walk up to like a café on the weekend, and they start playing Killing in the Name Of, and actually crank it, you're probably gonna find that a large amount of the crowd is probably gonna go and never, ever come back. Cool thing about this place, is that, they had something that no one else had. You had to go there for a least the beer list. It was huge. It was remarkable. And people were willing to go there, to experience that. Which gave them the brand new freedom to pursue their passion and do what, do their way as well.

It meant that they could play loud, angry music. 'Cause hey, you're here because you can't get this anywhere else. So therefore, we're gonna create an environment that is our own. We're not forced to create and environment that anyone else, 'cause we're not competing with anyone else. So that taught me a lot about, how you do it, something that no one can get anywhere. That therefore, gives you the freedom to pursue things that you wanna do in your style and your life. Cheers guys.

December 17, 2018
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