Throw out your to-do list

Another year rolls around. Will this one be the same as the last?
January 16, 2018
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Andrew Van De Beek

Whisky connoisseur. Utah Jazz fanatic. Father of 2. Chief of passion

And so a new year begins…

Twelve months have flown by, and now we are well and truly into a new year. Success have occurred, failures happened, and the times have changed.

So, what does 2018 look like for you? Have you put together any new year’s resolutions? Or better yet, have you created a “to-do” list highlighting the things you want to achieve?

Allow me to ruffle some feathers here… Throw that list out.

What if instead of thinking about what you will do, you looked at it from a “what can I be” angle?

What can you be for your family?

What can you be for your friends?

What can you be for your clients?

What can you be for your employer?

What can you be for your staff/team?

What can you be for yourself?


Sometimes all our striving does is lead to unsuccessfully chasing an ever-growing to-do list... which sucks and get’s us nowhere.


Illumin8 is taking this approach in 2018 as we set some fresh goals. Yes, there is still layers of practicality that rolls out below, but in essence we have committed to this:

We will be a safe space.

We will be freedom fighters.

We will be future dreamers.

We will be Illumin8.


So – what will you BE in 2018?

Your Business
January 16, 2018
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