September 2, 2021

How to Enrol for Jobkeeper Payments

Andrew Van De Beek

Founder & Head of Purpose

Jobkeeper enrolment is now live - here's your "how to" guide


It’s here - It’s finally here!

Normally you hear me saying that as a delivery arrived at my door, inside contains a bottle of whisky that I had been waiting upon for some time.

Today - no new whisky for me - Jobkeeper enrolment!

Due for release on the 20th, the ATO gave us a surprise and released the form a day early!

If I'm honest - I'm glad, as it gives us accountants & bookkeepers a day to figure it out (provided we work Sunday - which for the record I normally do not...but crazy times call for crazy work hours!)

OK - enough of the dribble, here is a step by step breakdown on how to enrol for Jobkeeper

Actually - tricked you, here is what you need to know before you Enrol

  1. If you are an eligible business due to turnover reduction means.
  2. How many eligible employees that are under your employ. 
  3. Complete the employee nomination notices that can be found here

If the above is gobbledygook to your eyes -  check this blog out here - we unpack those terms for you.

If you are still not confident, or want us to run through it with you let us know here & one of our team will be in touch (note - we are charging discounted fees to help you understand your personal situation).

Step 1

Log into the Business Portal (or if you are a sole trader - My Gov).

If you are yet to set up your MyGovID check out Shane's blog on that here

Step 2

Click on the “view” button in the banner that will appear at the top “COVID-19”

Step 3

You will now see the Jobkeeper page. Click Enrol (also, note that there are still steps to be done at a later stage)

Step 4

The first few questions you need to answer are around defining what type of business you are (Charity & turnover under/over $1b)

Step 5

Now you will be asked what month you experienced the reduction in turnover, and if it has, or is likely to fall by 30% or more.

If you are predicting that it will drop - you can’t afford to get this wrong (note the love warning about false or misleading statements). We can assist with this prediction - let us know here if you want a hand with it.

You will also need to identify the number of eligible employees your paid for the 2 fortnights that are relevant to the month fo April.

Step 6

If you have an eligible business participant that you want to nominate, now is your time. An eligible business participant is someone who is not currently paid via payroll and fills the role of either:

  • A sole Trader
  • A partner in a partnership
  • An adult beneficiary of a discretionary trust
  • A director of a company
  • A shareholder of a company

Note - we believe that in error it states “has an ABN on 12 March” & “assessable income in 2018-19…” as this is only relevant for the business, not the individual - expecting to see that fixed up in a day or so

Step 7

You will need to provide your banking & contact details. Note - all funds for employees & business participants will be paid into this account by the 14th day after the end of the month.

Do not list us as the contact unless we are actually completing & managing this for you - make sure you list yourselves :)

Step 8

Declaration time - tick away & submit

Step 9

Make sure you take a copy of the confirmation of enrolment - there can be gremlins out there that cause havoc with tech at times

Step 10

Shoot us an email letting us know you have enrolled & send the copy of your enrolment form. This means if we need to get involved with your application we have the details on hand. You can send those forms to

So that’s it! The application form itself is relatively simple

What isn’t simple is ensuring you are, in fact, an eligible employer & can demonstrate the required drop in turnover, as well as ensuring that you are reporting the correct number of eligible employees.

Sing out if you need a hand. Team Illumin8 are doing a bunch of stuff to get info into the hands of those that need it including:

  • Our dedicated COVID fact sheet page
  • Our weekly webinars with various special guests
  • All sales from our merch goes directly towards providing free advice to those who need it the most - check the gear out here

If you want Illumin8 to assist with assessing your eligibility & enrolments for Jobkeeper, please let us know here


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