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July 9, 2021

Xerocon: Not your average accounting conference

Andrew Van De Beek

Founder & Head of Purpose

Xerocon has been affectionately called ‘Coachella for accountants’, and we think that’s one of the best descriptions we’ve heard!

Last week, our team spent 3 days in Xero’s world. A world full of apps, solutions, features, networking and incredible fun. I mean, at what other accounting conference can you experience Darryl Braithwaite singing ‘Horses’ in a room full of glow sticks and crowd surfing beach balls?!


But in amongst the fun, was over 3,000 people ready to immerse themselves in all things Xero and take their new-found knowledge home to the benefit of all the small businesses they work alongside.

So, here are the key aspects of Xerocon that we got the most out of:


Xero Projects - Xero projects will be a massive win for tracking job profitability in the service industry. If you currently use addons like Harvest and WorkflowMax, you may benefit from switching to Xero's all in one solution for job simplicity and reporting wins!

Xero Expenses – Looking for a simple solution for expenses? Say hello to Xero Expenses! Reimbursing your employee expenses has never been easier, and with a click of a few buttons, you’re all up to date. Not yet released, but will be soon!

Xero & ATO - Xero are working directly with the ATO in their interactive services to streamline Xero Tax. Whilst you will not directly use Xero Tax, we are very happy to pass on the benefits to you with you through automated pre-filling, easy Notice of Assessment retrieval and populating Lodgement due dates. We’re hopeful that this will mean slightly less ‘back and forth’ with the ATO.


Timely – An app that works amazing for those requiring appointment bookings (think hair and beauty, alternativbe health specialists etc) that's a comprehensive business management tool to keep track of bookings, staff, money and productivity. Timely's dashboard gives a business overview at a glance!

Futrli - An app we use and love at Illumin8! Futrli is an all-in-one forecasting and reporting tool that helps put you back in control of your business and provides real time view of your business cashflow, forecasting and scenario planning.

Now Infinity – Again, this is a tool we use internally, but it brings incredible value to all clients who have entities. In one platform, we're able to create, collaborate and manage all entities. If you have a business, and struggle to keep on top of your compliance, then it’s worth getting in touch with us to manage this on your behalf through Now Infinity.


With 3 jam packed days of networking, collaboration, learning, what was the highlight for each of our team?

People Power!

Xerocon highlighted the importance of strong connections; both inside the business and outside. With the massive improvements in technology, the only thing that will set apart a good innovative business from a great one, is strong relationships. – Mick

Xero + Banks = YAY!

Closer integration with banks to do away with the need to transfer transaction files – instead, payments made in Xero will be pushed to the bank account, but won’t be made until authorised on the bank’s platform. – Shane

Proud as punch

I was incredibly proud of our ‘Chief of Passion’ Andrew as he represented Illumin8 and spoke on a panel in front of over 500 people discussing what it means to be a ‘small and agile business’. It was incredibly exciting to see Ilumin8 be represented by none other than the ‘top dog’ and it goes to show the we truly are a business making waves in the industry. - Brooke

Automate AND communicate

Technology is allowing business to do things that they never could imagine, and with great automation and efficiency. However, for most businesses, if they rely on technology alone, without using their soft skills (caring, communicating, creating an experience) then they will fall by the wayside. – Andrew

Leveraging your brand

One of the first key notes was dedicated to having clarity around your brand to leverage your competitive advantage. Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory, we’re incredible and everything they spoke on sounded like we do as a firm. – Josh


Xerocon is an incredible place where people from all over the world, come to learn, meet and grow their business! Meeting the people that I talk and engage with daily was a huge highlight, as I could put faces to names. – Naomi


We are back to normality. But we bring with us a fresh excitement and energy to help you be all that you can be as a business. And as Xero’s Victorian Partner of the Year, know that you’re in safe hands.

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