Xero’s New Navigation – A Researched Improvement for a Better Experience

Xero has a new navigation. A navigation that will help you get stuff done. Better, quicker for both small businesses, and the accountants and bookkeepers behind the scenes.
November 27, 2018
Andrew Van De Beek

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We're big Xero fans here at Illumin8, so we're super excited to keep you all up to date on a special little update to the product. You know it, the navigation has changed, and changed for the better. In their product announcement Xero share:

At Xero, we believe a simple experience is a beautiful experience. That’s why we’re simplifying the navigation within Xero to make sure that everyone can get on with daily tasks easily and efficiently. We’re launching the new navigation in the last week of November...
The improvements we’re making are based on research and testing with hundreds of people, including accountants, bookkeepers and small business users, plus those brand new to Xero.
Once you’ve got used to the changes, it’ll be easier and more efficient to complete everyday tasks in Xero. For new users, it’ll be much quicker to learn and more obvious how to get to where they need to go.
The biggest differences are new and intuitive menus that will make it easy to find the tools you use most often – whether you’re a novice or an expert.

How does that sound? Like a win! Anything that can help small businesses and accountants like ourselves do things more efficiently, and with ease is a double thumbs up. The menu is quite intuitive, yet if you can't find what you're looking for Xero has a great guide on all the changes that have been made.

Take a quick view over the following screen grabs, or just jump right into Xero and check it out yourself. We've also listed a few shortcuts that will help you make your way around the new navigation, and make things a lot quicker too!

Check out this video.

Xero's Dashboard & Navigation Illumin8
Xero's Dashboard & Navigation
Xero Organisation Menu
Xero's Organisation Menu
Xero's Business Menu & Navigation
Xero's Business Menu Navigation

Search shortcuts will save you time

To get to areas of Xero even faster, click the forward slash (/) and the search box will open. Then type a single letter to get to popular tasks. For instance ‘i’ lets you access all invoices and ‘b’ leads to all bills. Here are the keyboard shortcuts:

a = bank accounts

b = bills

c = contacts

d = dashboard

e = employees

i = invoices

p = purchase orders

q = quotes

r = reports

There are additional shortcuts for jumping to commonly viewed screens, or to add new items in Xero.

November 27, 2018
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